Old fashion Accountability and Responsibility are alive and well at Burkholder Construction and have been for more than 55 years.

Integrity is the glue that binds their core values of "what's right" together. They "do what they say they will do", their "performance to commitments" is a requirement. The words of satisfied customers provide validation of Burkholder Constructions integrity:

"... there were no hidden surprises"

"... all costs were spelled out"

"... you were there when you said you would be, did what you said you would do and were very understanding and helpful with changes we made along the way"

"... helped me achieve my goal of a high quality, state of the art professional building"

"... every aspect of the building experience was positive"

"... all materials used were of high quality"

"... subcontractors were professional and responsive"

Every builder has references and testimonials. The difference at Burkholder Construction is they provide you with a complete, unedited list of all recent customers.

You can get a first hand assessment of the work completed by Burkholder Construction and how they lived up to their commitment to "do what we say we will do" from any of their customers; no surprises, no hidden agendas.