Why Build Green?

Green Building / Eco-Building / Going Green/ Energy Efficiency

Green building is more than a fad at Burkholder Construction; it’s a philosophy that is woven into our daily commitment to our customers and the building industry. In the mid 1990’s Burkholder Construction built Traverse City’s first American Lung Association “Health House”, a model home for healthy, green living. Today, applying those green building principles to your new home or green remodeling project is standard procedure. Green Building is more than a commitment by the builder and client to the basics of planning, design, material selection, and conformance to code requirements. Building Green involves, through customer and trades education, continued employee education and attention to details via a “whole house approach”. Building Green is the knowledge of each product, the details require for its installation, and the understanding of the interactions between products. The greater the knowledge and experience, the greater the performance level of your new green home.

The whole system or integrated design approach interconnects your design, systems, occupants, lifestyles, and the environment to build a green home that offers a single solution to the problems of shelter, energy and resource savings, natural daylight, indoor air quality, aesthetics, affordability and a neutral impact on our environment.

Going Green with your project will focus you on designing and planning the proper site location for passive solar orientation, energy- efficient building envelopes along with high efficiency heating and cooling systems , greater water efficiency ,use of less toxic materials, use of Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) lumber, etc.
Whether it’s the NAHB’s National Green Building Standard, Energy Star, Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) or the Builders Challenge, Burkholder Construction will guide you and your home or remodeling project through the Green Building Rating process.

Before any green building system or green product is integrated into the plans, design or specifications, we have the in-house capability of providing computer payback models to assist our clients in making factual decisions.