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Custom Built Homes - New Construction Myths

Six Myths of New Homes

Myth #1 "It costs too much money."

Usually new homes cost much more than resale homes which makes sense considering the features and design options. Now, due to unique factors in the housing market, new homes are competitive with resale homes. Often you can build for about the same price as you can buy used! This is a historic opportunity; you will be amazed at how much you can afford in a new home!

Myth #2 "It takes too much time."

How long will it take to build your new home? Our construction period is about 120 – 180 days, thanks to modern building technology. Allow 30 days for securing your financing and you could be living in your new home in 5 – 7 months!

Myth #3 "It requires special financing."

Today all you need is a regular mortgage; you close on the home once it is 100% complete. Because we can provide our own construction financing, you may use any type of mortgage including FHA, VA and NH Housing. Financing on a new home is as easy as financing on a resale home. You will find that if you have good credit or a down payment, you can qualify for a new home. To help you save money we have simplified one-step construction loan programs available.

Myth #4 "There's too many hidden costs."

Unfortunately this myth has some truth to it. Some builders try to pass along construction overcharges to the customer. Problem areas typically include excavating for the foundation, septic design and well drilling. Our policy prohibits this! We offer a fixed price which can only be increased by adding options or amenities. There are never any hidden items or cost overcharges!

Myth #5 "They just don't build them like they used to."

No they sure don't. In the last decade construction technology has advanced by leaps and bounds. Today's new home is built with innovative products and specialized knowledge. A new home is very energy efficient, more environmentally friendly and better built.

Myth #6 "It's too much work."

Building a new home is an exciting adventure. You decide how much involvement you want. Your involvement can be as little as approving the site and the floor plan or as much as doing some of the work yourself. Our Builder of Choice program has made building your dream home as easy as buying resale.