What about affordable housing?

Affordable housing is also addressed by LEED for Homes, and is funded by a generous grant from The Home Depot Foundation. Grant funds are available to cover costs associated with LEED certification, including local rating and verification services. For more information, please contact a LEED for Homes Provider.  

How can I participate in LEED for Homes?
First, check out www.usgbc.org/LEED/homes, and download the LEED for Homes Checklist. It’s an easy way to familiarize yourself with the rating system so you can decide if you want to take the next step and register a project.

Builders interested in registering a project with LEED should contact their local LEED for Homes Provider.

Register your project. You can register your project online athttp://leedonline.usgbc.org. Registration fees apply.

Builders work with a LEED for Homes Provider in their area who will oversee performance testing and compliance with the LEED for Homes rating system. To participate, homebuilders should contact a geographically proximate Provider directly to complete a Builder Agreement.

How can I stay up to date on the progress of LEED for Homes?
Get involved in one of the many USGBC committees.  USGBC members interested in LEED for Homes Committee activities can join the LEED for Homes “Corresponding Committee” e-mail listserv. Just sign up online in the Your Account section of the USGBC website (www.usgbc.org/YourAccount). Corresponding Committee members receive committee meeting minutes, periodic updates and announcements regarding LEED for Homes volunteer opportunities.

Non-USGBC members can join a public announcement distribution list by sending a request to homes@usgbc.org.

What does it cost to register my homes under the LEED program?
USGBC members are eligible to receive significant cost discounts for program participation. Registration and certification fees vary based on housing type:

Registration: $150 Members/$250 Non-Members
Certification: $250 Members/$350 Non-Members

Registration: $450 Members/$600 Non-Members
Certification: $0.035/sq.ft. Members/$0.045/sq.ft. Non-Members

For pilot information, please contact Tom Flanagan at USGBC to express your interest: tflanagan@usgbc.org.

Affordable Housing
No cost. Additional grant funding is available to help to cover the cost of HERS ratings, green inspections, and other associated fees.

It is very important to note that the total cost of getting LEED certified will include service fees associated with HERS rating and green inspections. Please contact the Provider of your choice regarding their rates.
How do I contact USGBC?
You can call USGBC at (202) 828-7422. Please mention that you’re a homebuilder interested in LEED for Homes, and our receptionist will transfer you to a member of the Homes team.