Burkholder Construction has been building custom homes with unique personalized features for people like you for 3 generations.

Homes that more than accommodate your needs and desires, homes that exemplify your character, your personality, “green” homes that are eco and people friendly with aesthetics that fit naturally, seamlessly into the surrounding environment. This is a “Custom Built Home” at Burkholder Construction.

Following are several homes that exemplify Burkholder Construction Custom Homes.


What to do when a customer's parcel is uniquely shaped and spotted with protected wetlands?

Wetlands-Site 360x241

This was a challenge that both Burkholder Construction and the architect embraced with zeal. The result left the pristine property beautifully intact, complemented by an appealing "Up North" home.

Inside, the house comes to life with custom details and technology that would wow any enthusiast.

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Custom building is always one part creative execution and one part technical challenge.

CustomHome30 240x160This eastern seaboard-style home was no different. Burkholder and the architect worked to design and build a magnificent northern Michigan home as envisioned by the customer that still conformed to an irregularly shaped piece of property. The result? A grand scale 4,300 square foot, fieldstone-accented residence that has a sense of belonging amidst the trees and water of the region.

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There is nothing quite like having an architect for a customer.

CustomHome31watermark 240x161It provides a sense of pride that, presented with the many choices of custom builders, this professional selected Burkholder over all the others. This discerning designer turned to Burkholder because he trusted their quality craftsmanship and attention to detail. Situated on Old Mission Peninsula....

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Go ahead. Ask any Burkholder customer what sets the company apart...

Even five years after their home is complete, you will likely hear about the details.


That one-of-a-kind stairway or fireplace, the extraordinary craftsmanship in custom woodwork, and rock-solid structures built to last.

A pioneer in green building, Burkholder has been incorporating energy-efficient, environmentally conscious design and construction for decades.

Each Burkholder home qualifies for an Energy Star rating.


Creating a grand showplace yet a welcoming, comfortable family home is one of our favorite challenges.

OnAGrandScale 650x269

It is not every builder that can work with an architect to combine ornate staircases, high ceilings and chandeliers with a cozy family room and home theater.

Yet this northern Michigan home delivers on the promise, and includes:

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